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Our legacy

The Swing Philosophy

Swing dance, originating in the vibrant 1920s, mirrors the lively atmosphere of Swing Cocktail Bar in Naxos. Just as swing thrives on partner connection and rhythmic energy, our bar offers a lively ambiance where guests can connect over expertly crafted cocktails. In both swing philosophy and our bar's ethos, inclusivity, respect, and tradition are celebrated, creating a welcoming space where everyone can enjoy the joy of dance and the art of mixology.


Experience Swing's Molecular Mixology

At Swing, we believe cocktails should be more than just drinks—they should be unforgettable experiences. Our specialty is Molecular Mixology, where we create drinks that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Our bartenders at Swing are not just good at making drinks; they're experts who are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. Whether you want to try one of our tasty cocktails or have something specific in mind, our team will take care of you. Don't miss out on our unique Molecular Cocktails—they're a whole new way to enjoy a drink, blending creativity with flavor in every sip.

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Must-Try Cocktail Spirits: Elevate Your Experience

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The best cocktail bar in Naxos, you will definitely create a great memory of your holiday here. We loved the pandan cocktail especially, and the rest of them were also very good and creative in both the taste and the presentation. This is a must visit in Naxos

Frey Martinez Hart

Beautiful bar in a central part of the city, cocktails 🍸 with special delicious flavors, wonderful view of the harbor and friendly and willing staff!!!

Athina Danoudi

Such a nice ambience! Not too crowded and the staff was alwayssss lovely. Cocktails were delicious served in pretty cool glasses and you have a view of the harbour and everything that's going on in Naxos main St.

Marcela Burgos

The most well known cocktail bar in Naxos. Lives up to the expectations. We had a cocktail during the sunset and I would definitely suggest it. Arrive around 7:30 so you can find one of the tables on the balcony. The cocktails are all unique.

Georgios Eleftheriadis


Seafront Chora Naxos Naxos Island, 843 00 Cyclades Greece
+30 6976972642

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